Player Perks

Individual, Group and Team Registration - We use the top sports league management software available to provide members with the best registration and league experience.

Paid League Referees - Other leagues make you pay for refs at your games. We never do that!

Team Shirts - Custom designed, premium quality tagless shirts in YOUR size delivered to you at the first game!

League Scheduling - We provide all teams with a full schedule of regular season games at least 5-7 days prior to league start dates. We also accommodate almost all schedule requests received prior to the registration deadline.

Facility Reservations
 - We use the best gyms and fields in downtown Pittsburgh so you can play right after work.

More On-Site Referees/Staff - Minimum 2 trained officials for all hockey, outdoor soccer, basketball, dodgeball and flag football. Basketball also includes scorekeepers for each league.

Paid League Commissioners - We have a dedicated league commissioner for each sport that helps to startup each league and visits regularly to ensure leagues are running smoothly and players are enjoying themselves.

Minimum 7-8 Games (for most sports) - All teams in each league play the SAME amount of games regardless of record. Each league has a playoff for the top four teams and consolation games for all other teams.

Top-of-the-Line League Equipment - We provide players with the best equipment around such as high-end softball bats/balls, hockey sticks/goalie pads, basketballs, dodgeballs and the best flag football flags you can find on the market.

Weekly League Standings - Our staff updates all game results within 12-24hrs so you can check out how your team stacks up against the competition right away!

Game Highlights - Follow us on Twitter for highlights from each league.

League Prizes - All league champions receive a free happy hour from the league sponsor bar and championship medals!

Same Day Leagues - All leagues play on the same day every week. If you sign up for a Tuesday League, you will play on Tuesdays ONLY (unless we run out of raindates and are forced to reschedule for another day - this is extremely rare).

Longer Games - PSN plays longer games than most other leagues. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect: soccer/football/hockey/ultimate: 25min halfs; basketball: 23min halfs; dodgeball: min 7 rounds, volleyball: matches best out of 3 games w/ 25pt rally scoring per game; softball/kickball: 7 full innings or 1hr.

League Sponsor Bars - We have setup specials for all leagues with the best bars in the city. Each league has their own Kickoff Week Specials, Weekly Specials, Rainy Day Specials and League Winner Prizes at the bars!

League Photos - PSN has a staff of photographers that shoot teams/leagues each season and post to our Facebook page within 24hrs of shooting!

Dedicated Facebook and Twitter Management - We constantly update our members with league info, game highlights, contests and photos on Social Media while responding to all inquiries right away!

PSN Mobile App - We have developed this app so you can check your team schedule, standings and message teammates right from your phone!

Registration Discounts and Contests - We give away a bunch of free leagues via social media contests each season and offer discounts to league winners, team registrants and early bird discounts on select leagues.

Skill levels - Our staff carefully reviews the skill levels of all registrants when creating teams and divisions to help make leagues as competitive and fun as possible.

PSN Grounds Crew - Our team works around the clock to track storms and evaluate field conditions after any rain and does extensive maintenance on fields as needed to help avoid canceling games.

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